Yonghong One-stop Big Data Analysis Platform

All product functions required by big data analysis are integrated into a platform to be uniformly supervised.
To provide easy-to-use big data analysis solutions of the whole business chain for enterprises of diverse scales makes all users able to dig out big data values based on such a platform and obtain deep insights.

Not only limited to BI, it is a one-stop big data analysis platform

Based on three kinds of products, Yonghong Z-Suite makes big data analysis more intelligent and more efficient.

  • Agile BI

    Agile BI

    A new generation of agile BI software Used to perform multi-dimensional analysis and present statements on the front end.


  • MPP data mart

    MPP Data Mart

    As independently developed big data high-performance calculation engine software, it utilizes technologies of column storage..


  • AI in-depth analysis

    In-depth Analysis

    Data mining software for data prediction and data correlation insights by virtue of an in-depth analysis algorithm



A common choice of hundreds of benchmarking customers

Hundreds of benchmarking enterprises related cases in over ten industries, such as the Internet, e-commerce, telecommunications, finance, government, manufacturing, real estate, medical treatment and education

Yonghong Z-Suite one-stop big data analysis platform can create values for our customers and make them achieve success based on excellent data techniques.