Yonghong Cloud Product

New generation of agile BI SaaS service

You can not only launch a set of data visualization analysis reports in a few minutes, but also conduct interactive analysis through drag-and-drop self-service operation to quickly obtain analysis results.

Product overview

Yonghong Z-Suite, which is purchased out of the box, is charged by duration and the number of users, and is paid monthly. It is suitable for customers with mild needs for BI as it eliminates the complicated work of preparing servers, installing and maintaining software while reducing the cost and threshold.

Product functions

Creating values for the customers based on excellent data techniques.

  • 永洪云产品功能-多种数据源连接

    Connecting multiple data sources

    It covers mainstream databases, supports local file import, flexibly combines data from different sources, and realizes fast data access.
  • 永洪云产品功能-MMP数据集市

    MMP Data mart

    Since its data performance is improved 10 to 100 times, it can return results within one second upon analysis requests for TB-level and PB-level data volumes.
  • 永洪云产品功能-多方位数据治理

    Multidimensional data governance

    It provides efficient data cleaning and multi-dimensional data collation to help users quickly complete data preparation, thus providing data-level support for visual business analysis.
  • 永洪云产品功能-可视化操作

    Visualized operation

    With the help of the product, even users without technical background can also complete data preparation, report production and report analysis by themselves.
  • 永洪云产品功能-AI深度分析

    AI in-depth analysis

    It integrates various algorithms, explores potentially valuable relationships, patterns and trends, builds data models and makes prediction analysis.
  • 永洪云产品功能-企业级管理

    Enterprise-level management

    The software is provided with log management, authentication and authorization, resource deployment and other complete enterprise-level management capabilities.

Advantages of products

Customer success is achieved through products with excellent performance.

  • 永洪云产品优势-敏捷


    Faced with the ever-changing data analysis requirements, the product may generate analysis results in a few minutes and change the analysis requirements within one day.
  • 永洪云产品优势-高性能

    High performance

    It responds in seconds upon analysis requests for millions to ten billions of data, so as to support flexible business portfolio analysis and arbitrary time window analysis.
  • 永洪云产品优势-易用性


    With the help of the product, there is no need for IT department to allocate data analysts as all business personnel from top to bottom can be one.
  • 永洪云产品优势-低成本

    Low cost

    Its cost is only one quarter of that of traditional BI, and it is provided with full SaaS services so that there is no need to invest in the underlying infrastructure.
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