Yonghong Desktop

Desktop intelligent data analysis tool

As it is installed based on the machine, the complicated deployment links are saved, thus making it used immediately after installation.

Product overview

Yonghong Desktop is a desktop intelligent data analysis tool, which is based on the installation of the machine, with the complicated deployment links saved, and may be used immediately after installation It provides one-stop, agile and efficient data governance and visual analysis capabilities, can help enterprise users get rid of various thresholds of server-side products and better support off-line analysis work in special environment.

Product functions

Creating values for the customers based on excellent data techniques.

  • 桌面智能数据分析工具功能-AI深度分析

    AI in-depth analysis

    It integrates various algorithms, explores potentially valuable relationships, patterns and trends, builds data models and makes prediction analysis.
  • 桌面智能数据分析工具功能-自服务数据准备

    Self-service data preparation

    Through visual workflow, the data can be lightly modeled and converted, and processed independently by the business personnel.
  • 桌面智能数据分析工具功能-多种数据源连接

    Connecting multiple data sources

    It covers mainstream databases, supports local file import, and realizes fast data access.
  • 桌面智能数据分析工具功能-可视化报告制作

    Visual report production

    It provides rich components and styles and meets various data visualization requirements, with which the reports may be easily produced.

Advantages of products

Customer success is achieved through products with excellent performance.

  • 桌面智能数据分析工具优势-Z-Suite

    Free trial

    The trial period is 90 days; it may be used immediately after installation; after expiration of trial period, it may be subscribed and purchased.
  • 桌面智能数据分析工具优势-Z-Data Hub

    Local automatic update

    Product data can be automatically synchronized with local file data in real time without repeated uploading.
  • 桌面智能数据分析工具优势-Y-Reporting

    One-stop analysis

    It integrates the whole procedure of data source docking, self-service data preparation, visual report production, easily constructing data applications.
  • 桌面智能数据分析工具优势-高性能计算

    High performance computing

    Local data mart is built in it to provide high-performance data computing capability.
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