Yonghong Z-Data Hub

Enterprise-level big data system

Yonghong Z-Data Hub realizes the integration, processing, storage, sharing, analysis, presentation, machine learning and other data development tasks of hundreds of PB-level big data, and provides flexible and easy-to-use big data analysis solutions for enterprises of all sizes in the whole business chain.

Product overview

Yonghong Z-Data Hub is an enterprise-level big data platform developed and functionally extended by Yonghong based on open source Hadoop. The core products cover the whole procedure of data processing from data collection, data storage, data sharing, data security, data mining and data presentation, enabling enterprises to more effectively use data to build core business systems and accelerate business innovation.

Functions and advantages

Creating values for the customers based on excellent data techniques.

  • 企业级大数据系统-极致的性能

    Extreme performance

    With the help of the platform, complex query and analysis on data volume from GB level to PB level may be realized in batch processing, with high extendibility.
  • 企业级大数据系统-丰富的计算引擎

    Abundant computing engines

    It includes MapReduce (offline computing framework), Spark (memory computing framework), Tez (computing framework for DAG job).
  • 企业级大数据系统-低延迟的流处理

    Low-latency stream processing

    It is provided with micro-batch processing and nearly real-time stream processing engine, which makes the calculation delay as low as 5 ms.
  • 企业级大数据系统-丰富的工具套件

    Rich toolkits

    It includes metadata management components, workflow oozie components, task scheduling components and many other components.
  • 企业级大数据系统-简易的操作和管理

    Simple operation and management

    As a component of Yonghong Z-Data Hub, Ambari supports one-click installation, one-click upgrade and graphical operation and maintenance of products.
  • 企业级大数据系统-安全的多租户管理

    Secure multi-tenant management

    As the central service platform for realizing security control and resource management in Yonghong Z-Data Hub, Ranger can perform fine-grained access control .
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