High-performance and high-efficiency reporting system solutions

Yonghong Reporting is enterprise reporting software used for report production and data filling; and, a non-linear mathematical model of reporting has been proposed creatively.

In addition to efficient reporting design schemes, powerful report presentation capacity and flexible deployment mechanism provided, it is also equipped with a strong filling and reporting function in conjunction with comprehensive user permission control, report scheduling and interactive functions.

High-performance and high-efficiency reporting system solutions are provided for statistical analysis and presentations in enterprises.


Concise interface & comprehensive functions

Designed in a way similar to Excel and to be extremely simple; the non-linear mathematical model of reporting simplifies design of complicated reports and avoids complex SQL writing and preliminary data preparations.

Easily integrated

It can be easily and seamlessly integrated with third-party software such as OA to share accounts and permission control systems.


High performance

Integrated with MPP data mart and it has a big data processing capacity.


Combined with Yonghong BI and AI, it has a richer display form and a more convenient self-service ability.


Technical architecture

Yonghong Z-Suite one-stop big data analysis platform can create values for our customers and make them achieve success based on excellent data techniques.