Yonghong Z-Suite

One-stop big data analysis platform

It wins the first place in agile BI field for four consecutive years and the Benchmarking Enterprise Prize of China Big Data Field, and is the common choice of 5,000+ enterprise customers.

Product overview

It covers all links of the data analysis process, including data collection, cleaning, integration, storage, calculation, modeling, training, presentation, collaboration, etc., which enables users to complete the whole procedure of data analysis on a unified platform, greatly reducing the cost of implementation, integration and training and helping enterprises easily build data applications.

Product functions

Creating values for the customers based on excellent data techniques.

  • 大数据分析产品功能-广泛的数据源接口

    Extensive data source interfaces

    Data sources are added to facilitate users to configure and save the database connection information, thus avoiding inputting it repeatedly.
  • 大数据分析产品功能-创建数据集

    Creating the dataset

    It is comprehensive data governance means capable of improving data quality; it has perfect data permission control function; and it can friendly connect scheduling tasks.
  • 大数据分析产品功能-可视化数据报告

    Visual data report

    It contains rich visual component styles, including dozens of graphs and Chinese-style complex reports.
  • 大数据分析产品功能-自助式探索分析

    Self-service exploration and analysis

    By this function, the data filtering, multi-dimensional drilling analysis, data highlight analysis, trend analysis, target value analysis and focus analysis are conducted.
  • 大数据分析产品功能-AI深度分析

    AI in-depth analysis

    Data mining for data prediction and data correlation insight is conducted through AI in-depth analysis algorithm.
  • 大数据分析产品功能-企业级管理

    Enterprise-level management

    It has log management, authentication and authorization, resource deployment and other complete enterprise-level management capabilities.

Advantages of products

Customer success is achieved through products with excellent performance.

  • 大数据分析产品优势-自服务


    It is a one-stop analysis platform, which integrates data preparation, report production and data analysis and through which the business personnel can also easily prepare and analyze data reports.
  • 大数据分析产品优势-高性能

    High performance

    It has the performance of calculation within seconds. It can use column store and memory computing to respond in seconds with regard to analysis of tens of millions to tens of billions of data.
  • 大数据分析产品优势-极致易用

    Extreme ease of use

    The launch cycle is in weeks, and the installation of 100 megabytes can be completed in a few minutes. Based on J2EE architecture, it supports Windows, Linux/Unix/Mac and other mainstream OS platforms.
  • 大数据分析产品优势-移动跨屏

    Movable cross-screen

    Seamlessly supports PC, iPhone, iPad and Android, and maintains a consistent and easy-to-use user experience on these terminal devices.
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