Yonghong Y-Vivid Show

One-stop visual large-screen display tool

It is a visual large-screen product independently developed by Yonghong Tech, with its full intellectual property rights and unique patents owned by Yonghong Tech.

Product overview

Yonghong Y-Vivid Show is a visual large-screen product independently developed by Yonghong Tech, with its full intellectual property rights and unique patents [patent No.: ZL201210179621.1 (invention patent); ZL2012202257946.2 (utility model)] owned by Yonghong Tech. It is provided with the capability of multi-data source docking, rich and exquisite chart styles and dynamic effects, cross-screen self-adaption capability, self-service data analysis methods, more standardized and reliable data security control, and solid computing performance.
As a one-stop visual large-screen product, Yonghong Y-Vivid Show is continuously committed to advanced data technology, excellent visualization capability and cool large-screen display effect.

Product functions

Creating values for the customers based on excellent data techniques.

  • 一站式可视化大屏展示工具功能-广泛的数据源接口

    Extensive data source interfaces

    Data sources are added to facilitate users to configure and save the database connection information, thus avoiding inputting it repeatedly.
  • 一站式可视化大屏展示工具功能-自服务数据准备

    Self-service data preparation

    Through visual workflow, the data can be lightly modeled and converted, and processed independently by the business personnel.
  • 一站式可视化大屏展示工具功能-可视化报告制作

    Visual report production

    Free layout, intelligent layout, drag-and-drop operation, custom themes, and rich component styles meet various data visualization requirements, making reports produced easily.
  • 一站式可视化大屏展示工具功能-自助式探索分析b

    Self-service exploration and analysis

    By this function, the data filtering, multi-dimensional drilling analysis, data highlight analysis, trend analysis, target value analysis and focus analysis are conducted.

Advantages of products

Customer success is achieved through products with excellent performance.

  • 大数据分析产品优势-一站式大屏展现

    One-stop large screen display

    It is a one-stop large-screen product integrating data connection, inquiry, governance, large-screen report production and large-screen report presentation.
  • 大数据分析产品优势-大屏视觉盛宴

    Large-screen visual feast

    The software has abundant large-screen components and visual dynamic effects, including sheets, charts, dynamic components, dynamic effects background, etc.
  • 大数据分析产品优势-自由式排版布局

    Freestyle layout

    It supports intelligent layout and quickly builds a standard large screen; at the same time, it supports the free typesetting of components, bringing a large screen full of individuation, layering and spaciousness.
  • 大数据分析产品优势-极致易用

    Extreme ease of use

    No custom development is needed, only reports need to be produced on the PC side, and can be easily projected on the large data screen, bringing a data cockpit full of science and technology feeling.
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