Applicable to

Direct users

  • They can directly log in a cloud platform to use it
  • which spares steps of software installation
  • and allows them to analyze business demands anywhere anytime

SaaS service providers

  • BI can be integrated into their original service systems to cover more customer demands
  • and serve existing customers more preferably

Large scale units

  • By deploying an entire set of SaaS system on their original cloud platforms, visualized analysis emands can be embedded internally to satisfy employee analysis demands

Large scale units refer to those possessing private clouds or mixed cloud.

Product features

Product architecture

Yonghong SaaS products consist of the following components:

Data modeling:It covers data integration and data preparation functions. You can select the required data from the existing cloud data sources with one key (including but not limited to those described in figures below).

Data analysis:Through drag and drop, ad hoc query, data report production and mining algorithm writing, etc. can be completed in a context of no professional knowledge.

Data presentation:By virtue of the existing templates and elements in data presentation components, you are free to make interactive reports and display data results produced according to business needs.

Product advantages

Advantage Why select Yonghong SaaS business intelligence analysis?
Agility For ever-changing data analysis demands, relevant analytical results can be produced in several minutes and analysis needs can be altered in one day.
High performance For millions and ten billions of data, it can respond to relevant analytical requests in a second; besides, it also supports flexible business portfolio analysis and any time window analysis.
Self-service All business personnel can become data analysts without deployment conducted by IT department.
Integration The cost is only a quarter of traditional BI and there is no need to invest in underlying infrastructure.
Insights All core components required by data operation can be seamlessly integrated to provide consistent user experience based on an extremely low maintenance cost.

Cloud platform selection

At present, Yonghong provides two types of cloud service, namely, SaaS and mirroring. You can click the corresponding link to select service required according to your needs. (Only for customers who utilize cloud platforms directly)

SaaS: Yonghong Z-Suite that can be purchased and put into use immediately charge by duration and subscriber number. If you select a mode of monthly payment, not only can cost and threshold be reduced, but server preparation, installation and software maintenance, etc. are spared, which is suitable for customers of medium BI demands.

Yonghong Z-Suite one-stop big data analysis platform can create values for our customers and make them achieve success based on excellent data techniques.