Yonghong X-Suite

One-stop big data analysis platform

It aims to help the enterprises quickly integrate massive data and provide agile, easy-to-use and efficient data visualization analysis, and has the professional enterprise-level data management capabilities.

Product overview

Yonghong X-Suite is a self-service analysis application for department-level or small- and medium-sized enterprises, which can quickly integrate massive data and provide easy-to-use and efficient data visualization analysis.

Functions and advantages

Creating values for the customers based on excellent data techniques.

  • 一站式大数据分析平台功能优势-广泛数据源覆盖

    Extensive data source coverage

    With the capability of covering extensive data sources, it supports both mainstream database connection and local data file import.
  • 一站式大数据分析平台功能优势-高效数据建模

    Efficient data modeling

    It has multi-data integration and processing capability, capable of quickly connecting data sources, flexibly combining data from different sources, and easily establishing data models.
  • 一站式大数据分析平台功能优势-科学数据清洗治理

    Scientific data cleaning and governance

    It has scientific and complete data cleaning and governance capabilities to help users quickly complete data preparation, thus providing data-level support for visual business analysis.
  • 一站式大数据分析平台功能优势-丰富的可视化组件

    Rich visual components

    The user-friendly interface and rich and exquisite visual components can meet different business requirements on data visualization and bring pleasant sensory experience.
  • 一站式大数据分析平台功能优势-一站式分析

    One-stop analysis

    It integrates the whole procedure of data source docking, self-service data preparation, visual report production, easily constructing data applications.
  • 一站式大数据分析平台功能优势-支持跨屏自适应

    Supporting cross-screen self-adaption

    It has cross-screen display capability, through which the report automatically adapts to the screen size and the multiple terminal analysis capability is realized.
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