Visualized data analysis of an ultra-high speed of going online and high-cost performance

Agile BI has been regarded as having an ultra-high speed of going online and high-cost performance. Simple drag-and-drop operation makes everyone able to perform data analysis by means of self service. It is so fast to go beyond your imagination and relevant analytical results can be produced in several minutes. In addition, it also supports analysis demand alteration in one day. Together with all statements and customized statements of Chinese style supported, it perfectly meets customers’ various data analysis and presentation demands.

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Simple delivery & extreme ease of use

Its cost and cycle of going online are only fourths of traditional BI. It can come on line in one week at the soonest and be installed in a condition of 100M.
Installation of the program can be completed in several minutes.
A long process of secondary table, Cube and complex modeling required by traditional BI software can be avoided.
Based on detailed data, analytical statements are rapidly produced by drag and drop.

Flexible self-service operations

Business personnel without any technical background can complete the analysis by means of self service.
Demands of new statement production and statement alteration on one day can be satisfied to maintain continuity of analytical thinking.
Burden assumed by R & D staff can be dramatically relieved.


Beautiful and interactive interface

Rich and flexibly laid out interface display controls and multiple themes and styles for your option.
Data exhibition is just a starting point of analysis.
You can carry out multiple interactive operations on charts, such as data screening, global linkage and collaborative discussing, etc.
and then share the value of such operations with all staff in your enterprise.

Make data understood

Different levels of query provided & cross-database and cross-source connection supported
Based on a flexible self-service data modeling function, users without IT background can integrate multi-source data effortlessly by drag and drop.


Safe & reliable

Multiple access control options provided
Based on user information management and access permission management functions designed, not only can
access control over resources be implemented, but access permission control on the data level is also supported.
Even more, you can designate a query column or row that is only visible to a specific user group.

Mobile cross-screen

PC, iPhone, iPad and Android clients supported seamlessly;
All main-stream data analysis and operations supported;Consistent, user-friendly and easy-to-use user experience (UE) kept on these terminal devices.
You can perform data analysis anywhere anytime on your mobile device to make appropriate decisions.


Technical architecture

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